1st TPM in Greece

On July 16th, 2021 we had the pleasure of hosting the 1st Transnational Project Meeting (TPM) at our facilities in Karditsa, Greece.
We had the opportunity to not only discuss a plethora of issues concerning the project’s implementation stages, but also and equally importantly, we got to exchange views and different perspectives on the area of Adult Education as derived from each partners’ different setting.
Among others, we decided and planned our next steps and thoroughly discussed the proposed activities that are to take place during the upcoming Learning, Teaching and Training Activities (LTTAs).

2nd TPM

On December 20th, 2021, the 2nd Transnational Project Meeting (TPM) took place in a hybrid format. This meeting was hosted by the Italian partner, EURO-NET. We were given the opportunity to not only address a wide range of topics relating to the stages of project implementation but also to discuss and organize the 2nd Learning Teaching Training Activity (LTTA) centered on the subject of Older-age Learners.