Press Release – TeaM project is nearing completion

The beautiful journey of the Erasmus+ project titled “Teaching to Marginalized Groups” is coming closer to its end and the partnership has many interesting results to share with you. During this project, six organizations, E-SCHOOL Educational Group from Greece, Web per tutti from Italy, AYEKSA from Turkey, STANDO LTD from Cyprus, EURO-NET from Italy and ISEDE from Germany worked together with the aim of facilitating the inclusion of minorities by combining their experiences and effectively addressing their learning impediments.

During the project’s lifecycle three Transnational Project Meetings (TPM) and three Learning Teaching and Training Activities (LTTA) were held at the partner nations. Through the TPMs the project partners had the ability to ensure that the project’s objectives are being met and to coordinate the planned activities and their successful implementation. The LTTAs gave the opportunity to the participating trainers to increase their skill-set and training effectiveness when training adult learners belonging to one or more marginalized groups.

The 1st LTTA on the topic of “Immigrants, refugees and minorities” was held in Turkey and the attendees, adult trainers from each partner country, discussed the issues these people face, the possible solutions to their situation, and are now able to discern the optimal ways of approaching learners belonging to these marginalized groups.

The 2nd LTTA focused on the topic of “Older-age Learners”, was held in Italy and the participants, adult trainers from each partner country, attended team-building and cultural activities organized by the host and discussed the difficulties older-age learners face and their possible solutions.

During the 3rd LTTA, held in Greece, the participating adult trainers focused on the topic of “NEETs and Unemployed individuals”. Through a series of meetings, they got informed about the problems and programs being implemented in each partner country, discussed possible solutions and got a better understanding of the situation.

Concluding, it can be said that the project’s objectives have successfully been met, and it can serve as a stepping stone for future endeavors to support those in need.