1st LTTA in Turkey

The participants observed, experienced and actively participated in a round table meeting, presented and discussed methods on how to best approach learners who are refugees, migrants or belong to another minority group. They discussed the situation in their respective geographical locations, presented experiences and exchanged good practices utilized to combat the issues met. They offered alternatives and discussed the prominent options for each difficulty/barrier encountered. In the end, they worked together to create a presentation showing the results of their discussions, which later led to the drafting of a report, that have been made available on the TeaM project’s website.

Ayeska NGO, the host organization, focused on the challenges and good practices of teaching to refugees mainly from Syria and the specific needs that these learners have as well as the particular problems with which they are faced. They presented the current situation in Turkey with particular reference to the situation in Aydin city and offered their input as to what practices they deploy in their teaching context. The rest of the partners contributed to the discussion by offering their teaching experiences from their national contexts, namely from Greece, Germany and Cyprus.

Out 1st LTTA of the TeaM project was so thought-provoking that it inspired the drafting of a Comparative Review. Read it by clicking on the green button below!

You can also find the jointly created presentation that the partners created during their LTTA by clicking the blue button below!